The Society encourages members to become Operations Security Professionals through pursuit of the two certification programs. An important result of that process is the expansion of the body of knowledge which resides with the Education Committee in a library of literature and articles from the past.

The Society also promotes the proper application of methodologies and the articulation of this discipline across a wider audience of government and industry entities. The stakeholders who establish requirements, labor categories, and job descriptions ultimately benefit from OPSEC principles.

We achieve our goals through normal interactions between Society Officers, Committee Chairs and regular members via constant networking, daily work activities, and special forums. Beyond normal email exchanges, the Society has three main means of communications:

  • The OPSEC Journal contains in-depth articles on specific OPSEC issues and related subjects. The Society aims to publish it every two years via e-publishing with limited printed copies for Corporate and Government partners. For back issues, contact the Professional Standards Committee.
  • The Members Only Portal allows OPS members to collaborate with other members more securely, post articles, research information, and conduct Society business without the communications vulnerabilities of internet based email. The portal is a partnership with the assistance of ESP Group, L.L.C via an OPS portal. If you are a member and require access, please contact the MOP administrator on the Communications page for access.




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