What Is OPSEC?

The OPSEC process is a formalized, tried and true, method for protecting your critical information. OPSEC professionals are folks from all walks of life who have become proficient at this process and then further enhance it with an artistic clarity that comes from years of experience. While you can write about the process, only experience makes you proficient.

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Robert A. “Sam” Fisher Award for Excellence in OPSEC

The OPSEC Professionals Society (OPS) has selected George “Tom” Kerry, OCP, as the first ever recipient of the Robert “Sam” Fisher Award. The award is named for a founding member and first president of OPS, an original Purple Dragon team member, and the principle author of Presidential Decision Directive 298. He was selected from among impressive nominees including active duty military and DoD civilian and contractor personnel.

Perfect Storm:  The Operations Security

Support Division from SAVE to SAP

LTC John “Greg” Howe, OCP, US Army (Ret.)

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                      Operations Security"

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Email:  communications@opsecsociety.org

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The OPS Mission Statement

The mission of the Operations Security Professionals Society is to advance the interests of the United States and its allies by:

  • Promoting, within federal, state and municipal government agencies, academe, and private industry, as vital to national security interests, the development and nurturing of an Operations Security mindset and the practice of risk management based upon Operations Security principles;
  • Serving as a means of educating and informing the American people with regard to the role of Operations Security in maintaining a strong national defense.

The Operations Security Professionals Society will accomplish its mission by means of:

  • Establishing -and maintaining the integrity of- The Standards for Certification of Persons as Operations Security Professionals;
  • Certifying persons as Operations Security Professionals;
  • Expanding the body of knowledge upon which Operations Security practices are based;
  • Building and maintaining the organizational, financial, educational, training and other supporting infrastructure elements required to enable the Society to carry out the foregoing mission elements.


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